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Get a clearer financial picture – at every perspective.

Buttonwood Capital Management is an independent financial planning, wealth management, and strategic advisory firm. We counsel our clients and their families as fiduciaries helping them to preserve and grow their wealth, while maintaining a legacy for future generations.

For over 20 years, our goal remains unchanged …

To produce the highest standard of advice and guidance regarding all facets of our client’s lives. This principle driven approach is at the heart of what we do every day. It allows us to make better decisions, which translate into greater financial success for our clients.

Perspectives on the Financial World

Buttonwood Capital Management regularly shares commentary highlighting our investment philosophy, our thoughts and opinions on retirement planning, as well as the current investment markets. These unique insights drive our financial planning and wealth management process.

Meet Our Team

At Buttonwood, we are firmly committed to the belief that the best investment we can make for our clients is in our people.

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